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what is garmin basecamp | BaseCamp Updates & Downloads

Garmin basecamp is GIS applications that is utilized with the Garmin GPS navigation devices. It is free of cost mapping application that's specially made to schedule outside activities. This software comprises various useful and outstanding features that help the users to see maps, plan paths, and mark their own waypoints. Its user friendly interface makes it easy-to-use. In addition to this, the users may also create their geotagged photos and transfer the pictures into their mobile devices. The users may also email photos to additional users. Together with the excellent features, the download and setup processes of Garmin basecamp will also be simple. In addition, to make it easier for the users, we have given the step-by-step approaches to download and install the software on Windows and Mac devices. Therefore, all of the users have been advised to follow the actions provided in this blog to download and then install the software in their system.

garmin basecamp
Features and Benefits of Garmin Basecamp

Garmin Basecamp software comes with a wide assortment of unique and useful features that assist the users encounter hassle-free driving. Therefore, before we begin with the download and installation process of Garmin Basecamp, let us check out its excellent features and advantages:-

  • High-Resolution Maps

The high-resolution maps provided by Garmin Basecamp allow the users to view maps in both 2D and 3D. It includes the City navigator maps and TOPO maps that help the users know about the topographic region and the city they wish to see.

  • Geotagging

Geotagging is adding geographical information to the maps as well as other websites in the kind of metadata. Thus, this includes the Geotagging attribute which permits the consumers to geotag their own maps. By utilizing this feature, the users may mark their favourite spots throughout their path.

  • Image Transferring 

Garmin Basecamp enables the users to move their data from the program to their GPS device. Hence, the users may get the maps anytime and anyplace, even with no computer system.

  • Track Draw feature

​The users can track their planned routes and see the elevation changes. By drawing the tracks, the consumers can get an entire view of the route they want to take for their excursion.

Download Garmin BaseCamp

In this section of the blog, we have given a complete step by step procedure using which the users can easily download the Garmin BaseCamp on their Windows and Mac devices:-

  • The users are expected to start their preferred web browser.
  • Now, go to the Address Bar and enter""
  • Following this, press the"Enter" key.
  • Afterward, the users will be redirected to the official Garmin Basecamp download webpage.
  • Here, the users are proposed to search for both different downloading options, i.e., for Windows and Mac apparatus.
  • Now, the consumers are proposed to click on the download link that is compatible with their operating system.
  • After this, wait till the program gets downloaded. Close the download window once the download becomes completed.
Install on Windows PC
  • First of all, double-tap on the Garmin Basecamp downloaded file.
  • Following this, the pop-up box asking permission to run the program will appear.
  • The users are suggested to tap the"Yes" alternative.
  • Now, click on the"Next" alternative.
  • Now, the users are redirected to the Garmin Basecamp software licensing widow.
  • Notice : the consumers are suggested to go through the whole document and then pick the checkbox.
  • After this, click the"Next" button to proceed with the setup procedure on a Windows device.

Once the installation process gets completed, the users are recommended to tap on the “Exit” button.

Install on Mac
  • After this, then pick the".pkg" document to reach the installation wizard.
  • The users will be redirected into the next window. Here, click the"Continue" tab.
  • The licensing arrangement will be displayed on the monitor. The users are advised to see the entire document and click the"Install" tab.
  • Now, a pop-up box will appear asking the consumers to insert the Mac Admin Credentials. The users are suggested to enter the login details carefully and then tap on the"Install Software" button.
  • With this, the setup procedure will start.
  • Now, the consumers are suggested to wait till the software gets installed .
  • Once the software installation gets completed, tap on the"Exit" button to shut down the setup wizard.
In this blog, we included all the essential information and details about the Garmin Basecamp software. We mentioned its features and download procedure. If you are facing other issues related with garmin visit
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