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How to fix McAfee Error 12152 or 7305?

Wait For Upgrades To Restore Connection

  • "Unable to Continue Installation"
  • "We're having difficulty completing your McAfee software setup because of this error: 12152."  
  • "Something went wrong with the Installation"
  • "We're having difficulty completing your McAfee software.  Here are some repairs you can try"

Reasons For McAfee Error 12152 Or 7305
Use "McAfee Consumer Product Removal (MCPR)" Tool

MCPR eliminates any remnants of a failed installation that you've ever done in your own system.

McAfee Error 12152 Or 7305 is a common issue that consumers experience in the time of downloads. Occasionally, when you're downloading the McAfee Setup File from its official website. Afterward, the download fails with an"Error 12152" or"Error 7305". It could accompany with the next messages.

McAfee Error 12152 or 7305 generally occurs because of issues of Software Connection. It only means that there is a issue with the McAfee Download Servers that causes your downloads to fail. This may be due to an overload on Servers brought on by clients downloading product upgrades. In a nutshell, disconnected Server would be the root cause of the matter.

Download and Run MCPR

  • Open a Web Browser and go to the"Consumer Service" page of McAfee's official site.  
  • Find and Download the"McAfee Pre-Install" Tool.  
  • Save file at a temporary location like"Desktop".  
  • Now, double-click the"Pre-Install_Tool. exe" file.  
  • Next, click "Yes" to continue.  
  • Thereafter, browse the"Terms and Conditions" and click"OK" to accept it.  
  • Then, follow on-screen prompts to move.  
  • When prompted to allow for changes that are required, click"OK".  
  • Then, Await the"Scan" to complete.  
  • Finally, click on"OK" followed by"Close".  
  • At last, restart your system.   
  • Save all the currently open"Files" in your PC.  
  • Close all the Programs/ Applications.  
  • Before each use, download a new copy to ensure you have its most recent version that can recognize new products.  

"McAfee Pre-Install" Tool prepares the system for the Setup procedures.Usually, there is not anything much that you can do to correct this matter. Most of the instances, the issue resolves on its own after some time. Hence, it's recommended to just await an hour or so. Then, attempt the download again.

  1. First of all, open an Internet Browser.  
  2. Afterward, go to the"Consumer Service" page of McAfee's official website.   
  3. Next, you should double-click on the"MCPR.exe" file.  
  4. On the"User Account Control" window, then click"Yes","Continue", or"Run" according to the alternative given by your OS.   Here, you should click"Next".  
  5. Then, browse the"End User License Agreement" on the next window.  Thereafter, select"Agree" and click"Continue".  
  6. As a result, it is going to take you to the"Security Validation" window.  Now, type in the exact characters as shown in your screen into the respective area.    
  7. Consequently, it will begin the procedure.  Hence, await it.  You may find any of the next results.  Thus, proceed so.  
  • Removal Total : If you get this window, click on"Restart" and wait for the machine to reboot.  This will complete the process and resolve the matter.  Then, reinstall McAfee merchandise instantly.  
  • Cleanup Unsuccessful: Just in case of the window, follow the provided steps.   
  • Once More, Run the MCPR tool.  
  • If you get"Cleanup Unsuccessful" again.  After that, discount it.  
  • Once again, Restart your PC. 
  •  If the problem persists, seek professional support services.  

Use"McAfee Pre-Install" Tool

Prerequisites I hope that you have found solution related to Mcafee mistake 12152 or even 7305. If you're facing other mcafee error

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